My highschool

My highscool is the IES Huelin is in Malaga. I am in 3ºESO bilingue. Is big and there are really good teachers. There are more or less one thousand of children.



1 The starting platforms must have handholds in the frontal part and in the sides for propel in the start

2For the swimmers with hearing impairment,the start through ligh strobe mechanism

3The swimmers with visuals impairment must be with a assistant that indicate with a scorekeeper(tanteador)

4Don´t cant get into in the pool with prosthesis



The swimmers are clasified for differents groups for that which have the same condition.

Categories 1-10(phisical disabilities):

There are 10 types of groups considering the grade of disability until the 10 that have a less grade.there are phisical disabilities very variable since the loss of a member or  various, cerebral palsy, injuries in the spinal cord and disabilities that inhibit the use of join.

Categories 11-13(visuals disabilities):

There are three categories:

The 11 participates the swammers that lose all view.The 12 and  the 13 are for those that lose any view but not all.In the categories must wear masks for not receive brightness.

Category 14(mentals disabilities):

The categories are assigned according a letters each one:

“S´´sola (of swimming) that according to the free styles, back and butterfly, “SB´´ that correspond the style breastand “SM´´are tests with style combined


It started to be practiced in the Games of Stoke Mandiville of 1953. And in 1960 is celebrated of first Games Paralimpics that is celebrated in Rome. In 1984 the swimming only allowed swim a amputees swimmers and paralitics,this year included events for blins swimmers and cerebral palsy.


My name is David. I am forteen years. I like the highschool because in the summer I am boring. I like all types of sports but my favourite sport is swimming. I like all types of music. I like all types of tecnology :telephone,laptop,videogame…I enjoy when I meet with my friends. I love go to the cinema with parents or my friends. I like the pets.


This is a blog for a project for my highscool. ll talk about me, about my highscool and the paralympic swimming. This is a little summary:

  • My highschool: I ´ll talk how is my class, where is my highschool and how many people there are.
  • About me: I ´ll speak how I am, what I like
  • Paralympic swimming: I´ll talk about its history, the rules, the five countries with more medals and the clasification